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About our classes

In our mat classes we exercise the whole body through a range of strength and mobility movements performed within the Pilates principles. There is a focus on working the deep postural and stability muscles, with the aim of building strength in underused muscle groups and improving mobility in restricted areas, ultimately looking to promote freedom of movement and create balance throughout the body. Good alignment helps to reduce the impact that gravity has on your spine every day and improved body awareness enables you to correct misalignments in your daily movement. Concentration on the movements along with the Pilates breath helps to foster a mind-body connection meaning pilates is incredibly beneficial for your mental as well as your physical health.   

"The mind, when housed in a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power" Joseph Pilates



We wanted to study with the APPI due to the evidence based nature of their courses and the comprehensive anatomy training, which has proved invaluable in improving our knowledge of the body and what can be achieved with mindful movement. 

The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) is the only pilates programme in the world that has been fully developed by physiotherapists.


The APPI's founders, Glenn and Elisa Withers analysed and modified the original 34 Pilates matwork exercises to incorporate the most recent research on how we move and function in today’s world, factoring in our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. They reviewed all the evidence around low back pain, chronic injuries, muscle imbalance, movement adaptation and impairments, exercise physiology and much more to develop a Pilates program that was safe and effective for everyone. 

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